Best MLB Player Prop Bets Today 8/6/22 (Free MLB Bets!)

MLB Games Today

It is Saturday, August 6 and there are 17 MLB games today, including 2 double headers! The first MLB game of the day starts at 1:10 PM EST.

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Today’s Best MLB Player Prop Bets: Free MLB Bets & Predictions

We use our own statistics tools to identify the most profitable MLB prop bets available each day. We evaluate bets based on the expected probability of winning the bet as well as the potential profit of the bet. We’ve developed tools that allow us to find the highest ROI MLB bets every day. We highlight our favorite MLB prop bets on this site each day. We do our best to provide the best MLB bets as well as identifying the most profitable player props each day, however it’s important to always use good bankroll management when deciding how much to bet, take a look at our guide to bankroll management.

In our daily article we select our favorite bets of the day, and try to lay out why it could be a good bet to place using data. For each bet we share the data on the matchup and give you the most important statistics to make informed bets.

Always remember that game conditions and betting lines may change throughout the day after this article is published.

George Kirby (SEA) Under 6.5 Total Strikeouts

George Kirby and the Seattle Mariners will be facing the Los Angeles Angels. Kirby has a 3.56 ERA and 23.6% strikeout rate. Kirby has been averaging 1.0 strikeouts per inning, which would require him to go at least 7.0 innings which seems unlikely with this matchup. The Angels have a 26.1% strikeout rate and 11.7% swinging strike rate as well as a 15.4 ISO. Available at DraftKings for -130.

Carlos Rodon (SF) Under 8.5 Total Strikeouts

Carlos Rodon and the San Francisco Giants will be facing the Oakland Athletics. Rodon has a 3.0 ERA and 31.9% strikeout rate. Rodon has been averaging 1.3 strikeouts per inning, which would require him to go nearly 7.0 innings and that seems like it could be a big challenge today. The Athletics have a 23.6% strikeout rate and 12.0% swinging strike rate as well as a 13.2 ISO. Available at FanDuel for -145 and DraftKings for -170.

David Peterson (NYM) Under 5.5 Total Strikeouts

David Peterson and the New York Mets will be facing the Atlanta Braves. Peterson has a 3.54 ERA and 27.5% strikeout rate. Peterson has been averaging 1.2 strikeouts per inning and this matchup will likely give him a challenege trying to stay ahead. The Braves have a 24.6% strikeout rate and 13.2% swinging strike rate as well as a 19.3 ISO. Available at FanDuel for -140, BetMGM for -165, and DraftKings for -165.

Austin Voth (BAL) Over 3.5 Total Strikeouts

Austin Voth and the Baltimore Orioles will be facing the Pittsburgh Pirates. Austin Voth has a 5.54 ERA and 21.5% strikeout rate. Voth has been averaging 1.0 strikeouts per inning, which would require him to go at least 4.0 innings which is extremely likely. The Pirates have a 25.5% strikeout rate and 10.6% swinging strike rate as well as a 14.4 ISO. Available at BetMGM for -150 and DraftKings for -160.

Kyle Schwarber (PHI) Over 0.5 Total Runs

Kyle Schwarber and the Philadelphia Phillies will be facing the Washington Nationals. Schwarber has a 30.9% on base percentage, 0.5 SLG, and 0.204 batting average. Schwarber also has a 121 wRC+. Patrick Corbin will be pitching for The Nationals and has a 6.57 ERA, 19.5% strikeout rate, 4.03 xFIP and 1.56 HR/9. Available at DraftKings for -145.