Best NHL Player Props Today: Picks and Predictions (2/23/23)

Today, we have a total of 10 NHL games, each with its own unique match-ups and rivalries. For those who enjoy the thrill of betting on sports, there are a variety of NHL prop bets available to choose from.

Today’s Best NHL Player Prop Bets: Free NHL Bets & Predictions

We utilize data and statistics to identify the most profitable prop bets available. We assess wagers based on the expected likelihood of winning the bet and the potential profit of the bet. We’ve created tools that help us locate the highest ROI bets each day. However, it’s crucial to always exercise good bankroll management when determining how much to bet. Please refer to our guide to bankroll management.

We’ve hand-selected our top bets for the day and provided all the essential statistics you need to make an informed wager. We’ve analyzed the data and conducted the research, so you can be confident that our selections are supported by solid information.

Jesper Bratt (NJ) Under 2.5 Shots on Goal

So, Jesper Bratt has been averaging around 2.5 shots on goal per game this season. He’s definitely known for being an elite playmaker, but his shot volume has actually decreased recently. And it’s quite possible that this is because Jack Hughes, who was previously out with an injury, is now back on the ice.

In fact, over the past 5 games, Jesper Bratt’s average number of shots on goal per game has dropped to just 2. But with an elite goalscorer like Hughes back in the mix, Bratt can settle back into a role that he’s more comfortable with. This means he’ll be taking fewer shots, but that doesn’t necessarily mean he won’t be making an impact.

Patrice Bergeron (BOS) Under 0.5 Points

Patrice Bergeron has been having a solid season for the Boston Bruins, racking up 20 goals and 21 assists for a total of 41 points. He’s been averaging 0.7 points per game, which is pretty impressive. However, as Bergeron is getting older, the Bruins are aware that they’ll need everyone to be healthy if they want to make a deep run in the postseason.

To help with this, Boston Bruins head coach Jim Montgomery has been checking how many minutes Bergeron has played after every period. On average, Bergeron has been playing around 17:49 time on ice per game this season, but his playing time has been dropping and there are certain situations where he just doesn’t play at all.

In fact, in two out of the last 3 games, Bergeron played fewer than 15 minutes in blowout wins for the Bruins. This isn’t because of any issues with his skill level, but rather because the team wants to keep him healthy. In fact, Bergeron himself has said that he’s okay with this approach if it means it’s best for the team. And, of course, it definitely is best for the team if he stays healthy.

Tonight, the Bruins will be taking on the Seattle Kraken. While I think this game could get out of hand early if the Bruins get ahead fast, it’s possible that this could lead to another situation where Bergeron gets fewer minutes on the ice and has fewer opportunities for goals and assists. But, as we’ve seen, the Bruins are making a conscious effort to keep him healthy, so they’ll likely do what they can to make sure he’s not overexerted.

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