Hammer Dahn Picks 4/28/2022

Hammer Dahn is one of our favorite daily sports betting shows. It’s a daily show to help you gain an edge in your sports betting by using unique insights and tools to select top betting picks each day. Each day, we share the top Hammer Dahn picks from the show, but listen to the show below if you want to hear them all!

Hammer Dahn MLB Bets Today: Free MLB Picks & Predictions

Boston Red Sox First Five Innings +0.5

The Red Sox offense should be able to continue their tear against the Blue Jays. Whitlock is a weapon, likely to go four innings (similar to his previous outing). 1-0 with a 0.6 ERA.

Guardians First Five Innings +0.5

Cal Quantrill has had a slow start this season but has historically gone on a tear as he settles into the year. Guardians have been bringing heavy-hitting runs and should be able to get hot tonight.

Hammer Dahn NBA Playoffs Bets Today: Free NBA Picks & Predictions

Toronto Raptors +1.5

Raptors to take this one. The Raptors are at home tonight and have been getting hot in their matchup against the Sixers. The Philadelphia 76ers are also facing some uncertainty with Joell Embiid’s hand.

Phoenix Suns Moneyline

The Suns are currently leading the series against the New Orleans Pelicans 3-2. Chris Paul historically puts the team on his back. Tonight should be no different! The Suns have been playing well, and this is an excellent opportunity to close out the series.

Dallas Mavericks Moneyline

This one is a Team Ride! Everyone in the office is riding the Mavericks to win tonight. Dallas leads the series 3-2 and should ride the momentum to close it out tonight!

Hammer Dahn NHL Bets Today: Free NHL Picks & Predictions

Heading into the playoffs, many teams no longer have anything to play for or are resting players preparing for the postseason. As a result, many games are likely to have wild outcomes.

Washington Capitals Moneyline

The Capitals have been playing well, and this is an excellent opportunity for them to get a win. Best road record in the league. No Ovechkin, but they still should put up a tough battle.

Calgary Flames Moneyline

A literal coinflip… As is tradition, this pick was chosen by the honorable coin. The coin chose the Flames to win tonight. 

Hammer Dahn NFL Draft Bets Today: Free NFL Draft Picks & Predictions

Saints First Drafted Player QB

This is a special NFL Draft prop – if the New Orleans Saints choose a Quarterback for their first pick, the bet wins. With lots of rumors and insider info, the team thinks there’s at least a slight chance for the Saints to select a QB as their first pick.