Hammer Dahn Picks 5/12/2022

Hammer Dahn is one of our all-time favorite sports betting shows. Hammer Dahn is a daily show that helps you win more bets by utilizing their unique insights and tools to pick the best bets each day. We think that Hammer Dahn is one of the greatest daily sports betting podcasts! Each day, we feature the top Hammer Dahn picks from the show.

It’s Thursday, May 12 in the Hammer Dahn office. Tonight there are 4 MLB games, 2 NBA games, and 4 NHL games.

Today there were some technical difficulties in the office… Pat McAfee tweeted out that the studio lost ALL POWER! So there is no Hammer Dahn show today. But we will include any picks below that Tone Digs or Bubba Gumpino share for the games tonight.

Bubba Gumpino Betting Picks

Pat McAfee Studio Fire

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