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It’s time for Sunday football today! We have a packed lineup of fun matchups.

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Cordarrelle Patterson (ATL) Over 10.5 Total Rushing Attempts

Cordarrelle Patterson has had 32 rush attempts in the first two games this season… 10 in the first and 22 in the second game. Over 40% of offensive yards for the Falcons have come from rushing, and Patterson is the core of their run game.

I see a path for him to consistently get tons of work and don’t see this week being any different.

Jameis Winston (NO) Over 19.5 Total Pass Completions

Jameis is playing well and his passing game seems dialed in. He’s averaged over 250 passing years per game this season and over 20 pass completions in both starts.

The Panthers have only allowed 150 passing yards per game this season, but given up almost 10 first downs by passing per game.The caveat to these stats is that they’ve played teams who have relied largely on the run game to win.