Best Sports Talk Shows (2023)

When it comes to sports talk shows, there are almost no limits. Whether you want to watch on TV, stream on YouTube, or listen on the radio, there are dozens of different sports talk shows available to choose from. It turns out that there are tons of really entertaining sports talk shows that might help us learn about sports when we have some free time. Here is a list of our favorite and highest rated sports talk shows that can keep you up to speed on sports without putting you to sleep. This list was created to help you choose the best sports talk show for you.

1. The Pat McAfee Show

The Pat McAfee Show is by far one of the most popular sports show right now. Hosted by none other than Pat McAfee himself, a former NFL punter who’s now making waves in the world of sports media.

Pat’s show is a one-of-a-kind blend of sports, humor, and entertainment that will keep you hooked from start to finish. With a cast of colorful characters, including childhood friends and other notable personalities, this show is always full of surprises. You never quite know what will happen next, but that’s what makes it so irresistible!

The Pat McAfee Show is our vote for the best sports talk show.

There are plenty of sports talk shows out there, but none quite compare to The Pat McAfee Show. What really sets The Pat McAfee Show apart is its unique blend of sports and entertainment. Whether it’s a hilarious banter or a celebrity guest appearance, this show always keeps things interesting.

The Pat McAfee Show is more than just a sports talk show – it’s an experience. Fans can expect to laugh, learn, and be entertained every time they tune in. Pat and his team have truly created something special, and it’s no wonder why they’ve quickly become one of the most popular sports shows out there.

Watch On: YouTube

2. Around the Horn

Around the Horn is a sports commentary show that features hot takes and interesting opinions. This show is hosted by Tony Reali and features a panel of guests who debate the most important sports topics of the day. The show is fast-paced and lively, with the panelists often talking over each other. But that’s what makes the show so much fun to watch!

The guests on Around the Horn are some of the most opinionated people in sports media. They’re all extremely knowledgeable about the topics they’re discussing, and they’re not afraid to share their opinions.

3. Jalen and Jacoby

Jalen and Jacoby is a sports talk show hosted by ESPN analysts Jalen Rose and David Jacoby. The show is a mix of sports, pop culture, and comedy. It’s one of the most popular podcasts globally, with over 200 million downloads. Jalen Rose is a former NBA player who now works as an analyst for ESPN. He’s known for his strong opinions and hot takes. David Jacoby is a sports writer and podcast host. He’s also known for his strong ideas and hot takes.

Jalen and Jacoby make for a dynamic duo that’s always entertaining to listen to. They discuss the most prominent sports topics. The show is fast-paced and often hilarious.

Listen On: iTunes, Spotify, ESPN

4. The MMA Hour

The MMA Hour is a sports talk show hosted by Ariel Helwani. As the name implies, this is an MMA talk show, with guests that include fighters, coaches, and other people involved in the sport.

The MMA Hour is one of the most popular MMA podcasts globally. Helwani is a very knowledgeable and well-respected journalist in the MMA community. He can get some of the biggest names in the sport on his show, which makes for must-listen episodes.

Watch On: YouTube

5. The Rich Eisen Show

The Rich Eisen Show is a sports talk show hosted by Rich Eisen. It’s a more traditional sports talk show than some of the others on this list. The show covers the biggest sports stories of the day and features guests from all around the sports world.

The Rich Eisen Show is one of the most popular sports radio shows. In June 2003, five months before the network’s debut, Eisen was hired as the first on-air talent for NFL Network. Eisen is a knowledgeable and well-respected host.

Listen On: iTunes and Spotify

6. Calm Down with Erin and Charissa

Calm Down with Erin and Charissa is a sports talk show hosted by Erin Andrews and Charissa Thompson. The two hosts discuss the biggest sports stories of the day, but they also delve into pop culture and other non-sports topics. The show is a more light-hearted take on the world of sports.

Andrews is a well-known sportscaster and a former contestant on Dancing with the Stars. Thompson is a sports broadcaster and a host of Fox NFL Kickoff.

Calm Down with Erin and Charissa is a fun and entertaining show that’s perfect for sports fans who want to break from the games’ intensity.

Watch On: YouTube

Listen On: iTunes and Spotify

7. Pardon the Interruption

Pardon the Interruption is a sports talk show hosted by Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon. The show is one of the most popular sports shows on television. It’s known for its sharp wit and fast-paced discussion.

Kornheiser and Wilbon are two of the most respected journalists in the sports world. They bring their years of experience to the show. They’re always able to provide interesting perspectives on the biggest sports stories.

Pardon the Interruption is a must-watch for any sports fan. It’s informative and entertaining, and it always provides a unique take on the day’s biggest stories.

8. Skip and Shannon: Undisputed

Skip and Shannon: Undisputed is a sports talk show hosted by Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe. The show is known for its intense discussion and debate. Bayless and Sharpe are two of the most opinionated people in the sports world. They’re never afraid to voice their opinions.

The show covers the biggest sports stories of the day, and Bayless and Sharpe always have something to say about them. The show is polarizing amongst sports fans, but it’s always entertaining.

Skip and Shannon: Undisputed is a must-watch for any sports fan who enjoys a good debate. The two hosts are always willing to go toe-to-toe, and the discussion is lively.

9. The Pivot Podcast

The Pivot Podcast is hosted by Channing Crowder, Fred Taylor, and Ryan Clark, all former NFL players. The podcast is a mix of conversations around pop-culture, sports, and business.

The show has hosted notable guests such as Dana White, Charles Barkley, Shaq, Marshawn Lynch, and many other major names. The trio of hosts are careful to ensure that the show is not just an NFL show.

10. Foul Tip Podcast

Zachary Piona and Wahlid Mohammad, both former Vine stars, are making their way into the pro leagues to share their insights and expertise on all things sports.

From discussing the latest highlights to providing insights on sports gambling and everything in between, these two are ready to take on the challenge.

The Foul Tip Podcast, is a part of the TMG Studios network, which was started by Cody Ko and Noel Miller. The network is dedicated to producing high-quality comedy podcasts and aims to be a next-generation leader in the industry. Foul Tip is one of their latest additions, and it has quickly become a fan favorite with its unique blend of humor and sports commentary.

Final Thoughts

One of the easiest ways to stay up to date on the latest news and updates in sports is to listen to sports talk shows. These shows provide an in-depth look at the day’s biggest stories, and they offer a unique perspective that you won’t find anywhere else.

Whether you’re looking for in-depth analysis or simply want to be entertained, there’s a sports talk show out there for you. The ten shows on this list are some of the best sports talk shows in 2023, and they’re all worth checking out.

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