What is the run line in baseball? How do you bet it?

In baseball, the run line is a betting line that oddsmakers set that tells bettors how much a team needs to win or lose by to be a winning bet. A run line is just another name for a spread bet.

Sportsbooks will offer many different wagering types for bettors to place, and one of the most popular is what is known as the “run line.”

How do Run Lines Work in MLB Betting?

The New York Yankees are playing the Boston Red Sox, and the Yankees are -1.5 run-line favorites. This means that the Yankees have to win by at least two runs for a bet on them to be successful. If you were to bet on the Red Sox +1.5, they could lose by one run, and you still win the bet.

Because baseball games are typically decided by one rune, the default spread is always 1.5 runs. The favorite will be -1.5 runs and need to win by two or more for the wager to be considered successful. The underdog is +1.5, which means it must win the game outright or lose by only a single run to receive a payout.

Extra Innings

Unless the sportsbook states otherwise, run lines are evaluated on the whole game outcome. The result of the entire game is considered when assessing the bet. If the game goes to extra innings, the bet will still stand.

F5 Run Line

Another type of run line bet is the F5 Run line, which is evaluated based on the first five innings. This type of bet is offered to protect bettors in case the starting pitchers get pulled early and a team’s bullpen struggles.

The great thing about F5 run lines is that you can analyze the game based primarily on the starting pitchers.

Run line betting strategies

When looking for a run line bet, the moneyline odds are the place to start. These will assist you in determining each team’s chance of winning. By looking at the odds for the moneyline bets, you can calculate the implied probability of winning.

There are several methods to utilize the implied probability to your advantage. The first is that they’ll make determining which team is more favored easier. When the two teams are near even lines, the contest is more likely to be decided by a thin margin.

Once you’ve done a fundamental analysis, it’s essential to be aware that the smart money is typically betting the underdog on the run line. Because roughly 30% of games are decided by a single run, it’s only natural that the closest matchups would be where they’re most likely to happen. Ideally, you should ideally be targetting underdog bets with odds ranging from -105 to +200.

Final Thoughts

The run line can be a great way to add extra value to your bets, and it is a bet that every serious baseball bettor should be comfortable with. When betting the run line, you are gambling on a team to either win or lose by some margin, so do some diligence to make sure you are comfortable with the spread.

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