100 Days Until Football | NFL Countdown Song

Original song written by Boston Connor. Each year Connor has spent the NFL off-season crafting new ways to share how many days there are until the first game of the NFL season. Connor is a co-host of The Pat McAfee Show and a member of the Toxic Table.

This year Boston Connor created an elaborate remix of a classic song to commemorate 100 days until the 2022 NFL season begins.

100 Days Until Football Lyrics

One hundred forty-four thousand minutes ’til football
One hundred forty-four thousand minutes until the NFL
One hundred forty-four thousand minutes ’til joy
When do you watch the boys play ball?

In daylights, in sunsets, sometimes with cans of Bud Light
In inches, in yards, and late game drives

One hundred forty-four thousand minutes ’til football
How do you measure success in the season?

How about division winners?
How about playoff births?
How about Super Bowl Champs?

Measuring football

One hundred days ’til we’re out of this hell
One hundred days ’til the NFL

100 Days Til Football Song

Watch the whole video of Boston Connor singing 100 Days ‘Til Football!

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