Who is Isaac Rochell?

Issac Rochell is a professional football player in The NFL, but is more widely known as a TikTok star.

Rochell first began playing football in high school, and eventually went on to play for Notre Dame. He was drafted by the Los Angeles Chargers in the seventh round of the 2017 NFL Draft.

In 2020, Rochell began posting videos on TikTok, and has since amassed over 1 million followers. He is best known for his funny videos and lip syncs.

What team is Isaac Rochell on?

Isaac Rochell is currently a free agent, so he is not currently playing for any team. His most recent team was the Las Vegas Raiders, where he played in two games.

Before his stint with the Raiders, Rochell was with the Cleveland Browns, but he was waived by the team on November 12. Prior to that, he had spent four years with the Los Angeles Chargers and one season with the Indianapolis Colts.

Rochell was briefly re-signed by the Browns in 2022 after being released from training camp, but he was once again waived by the team.

What position does Isaac Rochell play?

On the football field Isaac Rochell plays defensive end. At home, Rochell is a supporting cast member in his wife’s (Allison Rochell) TikTok videos.

This season, Isaac Rochell has recorded 11 solo tackles through 4 games.

Where is Isaac Rochell Going?

It’s unclear where exactly Isaac Rochell will be heading next, but with 6 years of NFL experience, he could be an attractive option for teams looking for a veteran presence.

Despite bouncing around practice squads and backup assignments in recent seasons, Rochell’s lengthy career puts him above the league average of 3 years.

There are definitely teams out there that would appreciate Rochell’s leadership skills in the locker room. However, whether that will be enough to secure him a spot on a roster remains to be seen. It’s a waiting game at this point, but we’ll be sure to keep an eye on any developments as they come.