The Pat McAfee Show (2023)

The Pat McAfee Show is an independent sports talk show owned and hosted by Pat McAfee. The show features a mix of sports, comedy, and pop culture.

Pat McAfee is a former NFL punter for the Indianapolis Colts who now hosts one of the most popular sports talk shows. He’s known for his candid and often humorous take on the world of sports.

McAfee’s show covers all the major sports leagues but is primarily a football show. He often has guests from the NFL world on his show, including players, coaches, and front office personnel. He also has had many other celebrities on his show, including actors, musicians, and politicians.

Where is Pat McAfee From?

Pat McAfee was born and raised in Plum, Pennsylvania, a suburb located just outside of Pittsburgh. He attended Plum Senior High School and participated in various sports, including soccer.

Pat comes from a working-class family, with his father Tim working as a truck driver and later transitioning to a career in cabinet sales, and his mother Sally working as a secretary. Growing up in Plum, Pat developed a strong sense of community and appreciation for hard work, values that would shape his future endeavors. Today, Pat is known for his successful career as a professional athlete and media personality, but his roots can be traced back to his upbringing in Plum, Pennsylvania.

Pat McAfee Punt, Pass, and Kick Competition

Pat McAfee won the 2003 National Punt, Pass, and Kick competition.

Pat McAfee was just a 15-year-old kid when he took home the top prize at a local Punt, Pass, and Kick competition, thanks in part to the encouragement of his mother, Sally McAfee. His prize? Tickets to his first NFL game, featuring his beloved Pittsburgh Steelers.

But little did he know that this win would also earn him a trip to the Punt, Pass, and Kick Championship, held at the AFC Wildcard in Nashville, Tennessee. And as fate would have it, the Titans and Steelers ended up facing off in that very game.

McAfee ended up taking home the championship by a landslide, relishing in the boos of the Titans fans as it was announced that he was representing the Steelers. It was a moment he’ll never forget.

2003 NFL Gatorade Punt, Pass, and Kick Championship Results: 14-15 Year Old Boys, Patrick McAfee, Pittsburgh, PA (Steelers)
2003 NFL Gatorade Punt, Pass, and Kick Championship Results (via:

Where did Pat McAfee play in college?

Pat McAfee played college football at West Virginia University as a punter. Although Pat grew up primarily playing soccer, he transitioned to football when he realized his future potential in the sport. During his senior year of high school, Pat has said more schools were interested in his football kicking ability than his soccer skills, even though he had little to no football experience.

When was Pat McAfee Drafted to the NFL?

McAfee was drafted in the seventh round of the 2009 NFL Draft by the Colts and went on to have a successful eight-year career in Indianapolis. He was selected to the Pro Bowl two times and was named First-team All-Pro in 2014.

When did the Pat McAfee Show start?

After retiring from the NFL in 2017, Pat McAfee left to pursue his media career full-time. Although he had already amassed a large following on social media, no network was interested in bringing him on full time.

Ultimately, Pat McAfee joined Barstool after Dave Portnoy, and Erika Nardini convinced him that he would be perfect for the company.

In 2018, after building up his brand more, Pat McAfee decided to leave Barstool and make the show independently owned. Pat went on an all-out media tour to build a more substantial fan base, joining shows like College Gameday, Pardon My Take, and many more. 

Pat and the boys hosted the show during this time out of a renovated truck. They did this order to keep the show live every day while busy traveling across the country.

Notable Guests on The Pat McAfee Show

The show features guests from all different corners of the sports world. McAfee has had some of the biggest names in sports on his show, including Peyton Manning, Aaron Rodgers, Mark Walberg, and Phil Mickelson.

McAfee’s show has something for everyone, whether you’re a diehard sports fan or just looking for some interesting conversation.

What time is the Pat McAfee show?

The Pat McAfee Show is live Monday through Friday from 12:00–3:00 pm EST on YouTube.

On most days, the show goes later than 3:00 pm EST for about 20 minutes called Pat McAfee After Hours, where they take questions from callers and talk about other non-sports topics.

Where to watch The Pat McAfee Show

The Pat McAfee show is available on The Pat McAfee Show YouTube channel. 

Full replays of the show are available on the channel after the live broadcast has ended, so viewers can watch the show at their convenience.

In addition to the full episodes, the channel also features shorter compilation clips of individual interviews and segments from the show. These clips are typically a few minutes long and highlight specific topics or moments from the show.

What is The Pat McAfee Show Phone Number (2023)?

The call-in number for the Pat McAfee Show is 1-833-4-DADOME (1-833-432-3663). The line is open while the show is live Monday through Friday 12:00–3:00 pm EST and during After Hours immediately following the show.

If you plan to call into the show, be prepared to wait! The show receives a ton of calls and is usually only able to accept a small fraction of them.

And if you’re going to call, bring the juice! Get to the point and get off the phone!

When is Aaron Rodgers on The Pat McAfee show?

Since the 2020 NFL season, Aaron Rodgers has appeared on the show every Tuesday, usually around 2:30 pm EST. 

Aaron Rodgers Tuesdays have been a popular segment on the show because of his candidness and sense of humor. He often talks about things that he wouldn’t discuss on other shows or with the media. After discussing his passion for learning and reading, Pat McAfee and Aaron Rodgers started a recurring segment called the Aaron Rodger’s Book Club.

The Pat McAfee Show Cast

Ty Schmit

Ty Schmit is a co-host of The Pat McAfee Show, a daily talk show hosted by former NFL punter Pat McAfee. In addition to his role as a co-host, Ty Schmit also serves as the show’s producer. On the show, Ty often provides comic relief and is known for his impressions and sound effects. One of his most notable impressions is of Philadelphia Eagles Head Coach Nick Sirianni.

Ty Schmit attended the University of Iowa and joined The Pat McAfee Show in 2017. Prior to working on the show, he had experience in sports media and production, having worked for various sports television networks and radio stations.

He is known for his friendly and humorous personality, and his comedy impressions. One of Ty Schmit’s most notable impressions is of Philadelphia Eagles Head Coach Nick Sirianni.

Bubba Gumpino

Gump Cathcart, a.k.a. Bubba Gumpino, is a co-host of The Pat McAfee Show, a daily talk show hosted by former NFL punter Pat McAfee. Before joining the show, Gump worked as a ship painter in Canada and was a regular caller to the show. His unique personality and humorous anecdotes caught the attention of the show’s hosts, and he was eventually invited to join the team as a co-host.

In addition to his role on The Pat McAfee Show, Gump Cathcart is also the co-host of the Hammer Dahn sports betting show. He is known for his energetic and humorous personality, and is a popular figure among the show’s audience.

Bubba Gumpino was deported back to Canada in 2022 due to issues with his visa. However, he continues his work on The Pat McAfee Show and Hammer Dahn remotely. It’s a work in progress to get him back to the U.S.

AJ Hawk

AJ Hawk is a College Football National Champion, Super Bowl Champion, Ryder Cup Champion, NBA pundit, and all-time leading tackler of the Green Bay Packers. He is also Aaron Rodgers’ best friend.

On the show, AJ Hawk often provides inside information and analysis on the NFL and college football, drawing on his extensive experience as a professional athlete to give fans a unique perspective on the game.

AJ Hawk attended The Ohio State University, where he played college football for the Ohio State Buckeyes. He was a standout player and was eventually drafted by the Green Bay Packers in the first round of the 2006 NFL Draft. He played for the Packers for nine seasons and was a key member of the team’s defense. He also played for the Cincinnati Bengals and Atlanta Falcons before retiring from the NFL in 2017.

AJ Hawk joins the show from his attic in Columbus, Ohio, and is known for his library of books and his love of cigars, which he often smokes during the show. He is a knowledgeable and insightful guest who provides valuable insights on the game of football and the NFL.

Evan Fox

Evan Fox, also known as Foxy, is a key member of The Pat McAfee Show team. He serves as the show’s videographer and right-hand travel companion to Pat McAfee. Foxy is known for his love of Jack and Cokes on private jets, and is often featured in Pat’s vlogs, known as Foxy Flicks. In addition to filming and editing these vlogs, Foxy is also responsible for capturing behind-the-scenes content and other footage for the show.

Foxy attended Michigan State University, where he earned a degree in communications and media studies.

As a lifelong Detroit Lions fan, Foxy is often the subject of jokes on the show due to the team absolutely stinking! However, he remains a loyal fan and never fails to bring his enthusiasm and sense of humor to the table. Overall, Foxy is an integral member of the show’s team and plays a vital role in bringing The Pat McAfee Show to life for fans.

Nick Maraldo

Nick Maraldo is a key member of The Pat McAfee Show team. He serves as the show’s audio engineer, working behind the scenes to ensure that the show sounds great and runs smoothly. In addition to his technical role, Nick Maraldo also regularly appears on the show as a guest, sharing his insights and experiences with the audience.

He is known to be a huge fan of Brett Favre, and often shares his thoughts on the legendary quarterback’s career.

Outside of The Pat McAfee Show, Nick Maraldo is also the host of That’s Hockey Talk, a hockey-focused show.

CFO Phil

Phil Mains, AKA “CFO Phil” to fans of The Pat McAfee Show, is a childhood friend of Pat McAfee and the CFO of Pat McAfee Incorporated. Although the show is based in Indianapolis, Indiana, Phil continues to live in the Pittsburgh area. Despite the distance, he plays an integral role in the show’s operations and is often mentioned by Pat during the live broadcasts.

Phil Mains is known for his financial expertise and business acumen, and is responsible for managing the financial affairs of Pat McAfee Incorporated. He is also involved in the planning and execution of giveaways and promotions on the show, and is often referenced by Pat when announcing huge cash prizes.