Best NBA All-Star Game Bets: NBA Predictions Today (2/19/23)

Tonight is the NBA All-Star Game! We have the best of the best NBA players all on the court at once.

Last night was the Dunk Contest and Mac McClung stole the show with 3 50-point dunks!

One thing to remember when betting on the All-Star Game, is it is just for fun. Both for you and the players. There will be minimal defense players and there is very little you can actually predict.

But we will still highlight our favorite picks!

Today’s Best NBA All-Star Game Bets: Free NBA Bets & Predictions

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Full Game Total Over 324.5 Points

The NBA All-Star Game is not your typical basketball game. Defense is often overlooked as both teams usually prioritize scoring and putting on a show. Since 2018, the game has been played under a captain format, and we have yet to see a game total go under 293 in any matchup. However, the game total has only gone over 324 once in 2019, when Team Lebron defeated Team Giannis 178-164 in Charlotte.

This year, Giannis Antetokounmpo and LeBron James were named as captains after receiving the most All-Star votes in their respective conferences. The teams will be drafted an hour before tipoff on Sunday night, so it’s uncertain who will be on each team, but we can expect a great deal of talent on the floor.

It’s worth noting that the scoring format is different from a regular game. Each of the first three quarters will be 12 minutes long, but they will start at 0-0. In the fourth quarter, there will be no game clock, and the target score will be set. The final target score will be determined by the leading team’s cumulative score plus 24 points, in honor of the late Kobe Bryant’s jersey number for his final 10 seasons. The game will end on a made basket, which adds to the excitement of the game.

We are expecting a lot of points. Even with the target score format we think this should be a fun and exciting game with tons of points. The alternative scoring format may eve encourage more scoring in the first 3 quarters.

Joel Embiid MVP (+700)

Joel Embiid’s performance this season has been nothing short of remarkable, with many arguing that he is a strong candidate for the NBA Most Valuable Player award. Not only is he an aggressive player, but he is also a natural showman. It’s the perfect format for him to showcase his skills, and he should excel in the upcoming All-Star Game.

Recently, Embiid hit a milestone in Sixers’ history, reaching 10,000 points in just 373 games, passing the legendary Allen Iverson for the fewest number of games needed to reach the milestone. This achievement highlights Embiid’s dominance on the court and cements his place in the Sixers’ history books.

While Embiid’s status for the All-Star Game is currently unknown due to lingering soreness in his left foot, if he is able to play, he is undoubtedly capable of putting on an unforgettable performance.

Jayson Tatum MVP (+800)

Jayson Tatum has been turning heads this season as the standout player on the NBA’s best team. His impressive performance has garnered attention from fans and analysts alike, solidifying his position as one of the league’s top players.

During the three-point contest held last night, Tatum showcased his sharpshooting skills and ended up tying for fourth place. However, tonight is a whole different ball game. With the All-Star Game on the line, Tatum has the opportunity to truly shine and solidify his reputation as one of the best of the best.

If Tatum is able to get in his rhythm early and his shots start falling, there’s no doubt that he’ll put on a show.

He definitely could have a chance to become the first Celtic to win the All-Star MVP award since Larry Bird accomplished the feat in 1982.

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