Best Super Bowl Bets Today: Picks and Predictions (2/12/23)

It’s finally here! The big game.

If you waited until today to place bets, assume it’s just for fun. These lines have been bet into for two weeks now, the lines are as efficient as they’ll ever be today.

But we can still have some fun!

Below is how we’ll be betting the Super Bowl. Optimizing for the most fun sweat of your life. We don’t guarantee any locks, but you’ll have a fun ride all game!

We’ll be using bets that are readily available on most regulated sportsbooks like DraftKings and FanDuel. So no gatorade color or national anthem length bets.

Today’s Best NFL Super Bowl Bets: Free Super bowl Bets & Predictions

We’ll order this list in the order that bets will settle, such that you’ll have winners all game!

1. Coin Toss: Heads or Tails

What better way to kick off betting on the Super Bowl than the coin flip? This age-old tradition is the perfect opportunity to add a little extra excitement to the big game, and with a 50/50 outcome, it’s a true toss-up.

History has shown that tails have come out on top just slightly more often with 29 wins compared to heads’ 27 wins. But don’t let that fool you, as heads have had the longest winning streak at 5, while tails have only managed a 4 win streak three times.

So, go ahead and make your pick, and let’s see if tails never fails!

If you choose correctly you’re off to a great start on the day! If not, we’ve got plenty other options!

You can also alternatively bet which Team to Win the Coin Toss (Eagles/Chiefs)

2. Number of Plays in Opening Drive – O/U 6.5

This one is fun. Under 6.5 plays is available at plus-money still. There are two angles to this one.

If KC gets the ball first, most game scripts will say that the Chiefs should come out hot, and and score quick. That means deep balls and attempting bigger plays that the Eagles may not be prepared for. Leading to a quick drive.

If Philly gets the ball first, there are some narratives that say that Jalen Hurts may have some nerves to brush off. That means they could attempt some high-risk plays at the beginning.

In both cases we are leaning towards the under, although 6.5 is an admittedly low line, +110 is an enticing line.

3. 1st Score – on or after 6:00 Elapsed

Going along with the Number of Plays in Opening Drive bet, the one thing that is consistent in our analysis is that both Philadelphia and Kansas City will likely come out with high-risk plays at the beginning. We are leaning towards quick opening drives from both teams and aggressive play calling for both teams.

Both teams have the talent and capability to make big plays. We think either team has the ability to come out and score quick.

4. Combined Jersey Numbers of All Touchdown Scorers

This one is a fun one. Basically, if A.J. Brown (11), Jalen Hurts (1), DeVonta Smith (6), Travis Kelce (87), and Patrick Mahomes (15) all score touchdowns, the combines jersey numbers would be 120.

Most books have this line set at around 160.5.

This is a two-parted analysis. How many touchdowns do you think will be scored and which plays are likely to score?

Based on a number of likely player combinations and touchdown amounts, we lean towards the under on this one. But seriously, this is just a fun bet! Look at the numbers of your favorite players in the game and see what the combined amount is.

Today’s Best NFL Super Bowl Player Prop Bets: Free Super bowl Bets & Predictions

Let’s take a look at a few player props! Like we said before, there are basically no “sharp” bets available, but we can pick some fun one!

Isiah Pacheco (KC) Anytime Touchdown

Isiah Pacheco has had a fantastic season for the Kansas City Chiefs this year! Despite being a seventh-round draft pick in 2022, Pacheco stepped up as the starter in Week 7 and ended the season with 830 rushing yards and five touchdowns.

In the last five games, he’s averaged 11 rush attempts per game and scored two touchdowns. Pacheco’s productivity and contributions to the Chiefs’ success make him a player to watch in the Super Bowl.

With his impressive performance throughout the season, Pacheco is definitely a force to be reckoned with and could have a significant impact on the outcome of the game.

DeVonta Smith (PHI) Anytime Touchdown

DeVonta Smith was drafted in the first round by the Eagles a few years ago and is now playing in the biggest game of his young career. This game is expected to have a lot of points and betting on Smith is a great opportunity with good value. The Eagles frequently use Smith in the red zone, and his ability to make big plays makes him a desirable choice.

Smith will also benefit from favorable matchups because the Kansas City Chiefs will be focusing on AJ Brown. This will give Smith the chance to showcase his talents and make an impact on the game. With his skills and the attention he will receive from the Chiefs’ defense, Smith is definitely a player to keep an eye on during the Super Bowl.