Hammer Dahn Picks 6/2/2022

Hammer Dahn is one of our all-time favorite sports betting shows. Hammer Dahn is a daily show that helps you win more bets by utilizing their unique insights and tools to pick the best bets each day. We think that Hammer Dahn is one of the greatest daily sports betting podcasts! Each day, we feature the top Hammer Dahn picks from the show.

It’s Thursday, May 2 in the Hammer Dahn office! Today there are 12 MLB games, 1 NHL game, and 1 NBA game. The Hammer Dahn boys shared their picks for the games tonight. If you enjoy this article, make sure to listen to the whole show below to hear more of their picks and full analysis.

Hammer Dahn MLB Bets Today

Atlanta Braves F5 Moneyline

Ian Anderson versus Austin Gomber. Anderson has a 4.34 ERA. Gomber has a 5.51 ERA. Atlanta is just the better team in this matchup.

Cincinatti Red F5 Moneyline

Ashcraft is just a good solid family name. The boys are riding on the Reds tonight.

Hammer Dahn NBA Bets Today

Jayson Tatum (Boston Celtics) First Basket

This is a flyer from Bubba Gumpino himself. Don’t bet the house, but sprinkle a little on for fun.

Draymond Green (Golden State Warriors) First Basket

This is from Boston Connor. Draymond will get the ball at tip and score a three right off the bat! (We’ll see)

Hammer Dahn NHL Bets Today

Edmonton Oilers Moneyline

Let’s see if they can get it done and make it a series against the Colorado Avalanche.

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More Hammer Dahn Picks Today

To hear all of the bets from Hammer Dahn, listen to the whole show below!

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