MLB PrizePicks Projections Today 9/25/22 (Best MLB PrizePick Plays!)

PrizePicks is a great fantasy site that allows you to choose from an array of plays, including those based on fantasy points or single stats. The goal is to build an entry with 2-5 players.

Each day we select some of our favorite plays available based on data and research. In general, we only list the selections that we believe to have a high probability of winning, however they are listed in no particular order.

Today’s Best MLB PrizePick Plays: Free MLB PrizePick Plays

Always remember that game conditions and betting lines may change throughout the day after this article is published.

Bo Bichette (TOR) Under 6.5 Hitter Fantasy Score

Bo Bichette has a 32.9% on base percentage0.472 SLG, and 0.284 batting average. Bo Bichette also has a 11.5% swinging strike percentage and a 128 wRC+Shane McClanahan will be pitching for The Rays and has a 2.36 ERA31.7% strikeout rate2.44 xFIP and 0.92 HR/9.

Anibal Sanchez (WSH) Over 22.5 Pitcher Fantasy Score

Anibal Sanchez and the Washington Nationals will be facing the Miami Marlins. Sanchez has a 4.4 ERA and 15.2% strikeout rate. Sanchez has been averaging 0.6 strikeouts per inning and has a 1.97 HR/9 . The Marlins have a 23.8% strikeout rate and 11.9% swinging strike rate as well as a 13.3 ISO.

Max Castillo (KC) Over 2.5 Strikeouts

Max Castillo and the Kansas City Royals will be facing the Seattle Mariners. Castillo has a 2.97 ERA and 23.5% strikeout rate. Castillo has been averaging 0.9 strikeouts per inning and has a 1.78 HR/9 . The Mariners have a 22.7% strikeout rate and 10.6% swinging strike rate as well as a 16.1 ISO.

Shohei Ohtani (LAA) Over 7.0 Hitter Fantasy Score

Shohei Ohtani has a 35.7% on base percentage0.531 SLG, and 0.27 batting average. Shohei Ohtani also has a 12.4% swinging strike percentage and a 145 wRC+Dylan Bundy will be pitching for The Twins and has a 4.78 ERA16.0% strikeout rate4.72 xFIP and 1.5 HR/9.

Austin Voth (BAL) Under 3.0 Strikeouts

Austin Voth and the Baltimore Orioles will be facing the Houston Astros. Voth has a 4.32 ERA and 20.2% strikeout rate. Voth has been averaging 0.9 strikeouts per inning and has a 1.18 HR/9 . The Astros have a 19.5% strikeout rate and 10.2% swinging strike rate as well as a 17.5 ISO.

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