NBA PrizePicks Projections Today 10/23/22 (Best NBA PrizePick Plays!)

PrizePicks is a great fantasy site that allows you to choose from an array of plays, including those based on fantasy points or single stats. The goal is to build an entry with 2-5 players.

Each day we select some of our favorite plays available based on data and research. In general, we only list the selections that we believe to have a high probability of winning, however they are listed in no particular order.

Today’s Best NBA PrizePick Plays: Free NBA PrizePick Plays

Always remember that game conditions and betting lines may change throughout the day after this article is published. Always use your best judgement and any late news to direct your betting decisions.

Many teams may implement different strategies and new player rotations. It may take a week or two to get a good handle on player minutes and rotations.

Josh Hart (POR) Under 14.5 Points

Josh Hart has averaged about 14 points, but that is much higher than his career average. This matchup could slow down his efficiency a bit.

Monte Morris (WAS) Over 8.5 Points

Although his first two games this season have been a bit slower, averaging 8 points per game, historically in his career, Morris has averaged over 10 points per game.

He is on a new team, however I am confident that the first couple of games were just growing pains and should trend towards his usual efficiency on the court.

Jordan Clarkson (UTA) Under 4.0 Rebounds

In his career, Jordan Clarkson has averaged a bit over 3 rebounds per game. In his first two games this season, he has had 5 rebounds in each.

Not much has changed in his game or role on the team, so I am counting it as variance and think he will regress towards his mean.

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